Friday, March 28, 2008


We had a play-date with my friend, Vanessa, and her girls today. She has a little girl that is a few months older than Abby, Suzanna, and a 9 mo. old, Ella. Abby ADORES them and loves playing with Suz. They are such sweet little girls. The girls had a great time (mainly jumping on my bed, LOL!). We even had a pizza lunch. Vanessa's husband, Casey, works with Scott. They actually met while they were both working in Africa, and now Casey also works for NGA. Very nice to have them here. We get to talk all the time about how much we miss our families, and how cold it is here! :-)

Best Buddies, Suz and Abby!!

Ella is such a cutie. She was getting Abby's nose! :-) Abby has talked about it non-stop since they left, and will probably talk about it for the next 6 months. LOL!

Hard at work in the kitchen.

The best pic I could get of the 3 of them! 3 little monkey's jumping on my bed! :-)


Fideles Four said...

Oh it's fun to see what the pictures look like from where you are standing! We had a blast! When Casey asked Suz what she wanted to do tomorrow she said play with Abby. :) I bed they'd really get a kick out of Scott and Casey taking the girls fishing!

Oh, I vote on a SISTER for Abby! I hope Scott is right!!!

nanny said...

Hey Abby I love the pictures of you and the girls and of you and Timmie, I miss you and love you too. You will have a life long buddie before too long. Just like Suz does. Nanny Probably of the same sex too.

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