Monday, March 8, 2010

My World!

Clearly, these two little angels are my world! I just can't believe how big they are getting. They could stay this size forever and that would be just fine by me! :) We are so VERY blessed with these 2 little girls, and I can't even believe they are mine sometimes.

Liv is quickly turning from my baby into a little girl! She is SO funny and spunky, and Abby and I have SO much fun teaching her new things and laughing at her. Abby gets such a kick out of her. I LOVE it! :)

And...let's face it, she's so darling it's not even fair! :)

And, my big girl! She still isn't feeling great, and it kills me. Last week it was strep, this week it's an allergic reaction to penicillin, but she's such a little trooper! I just adore her! She is truly my best buddy! She's an adult trapped in that little body! haha!

Sweetness overload! haha!

hahaha, Abby with the bear at Aunt Elizabeth's! Liv thought it was a dog! ha!

Bossing Goggy around...what they do best! ha!

I love these next few....sweet little innocent things!! I could just squeeze them all day long!

So cute!! :)
Yes, they rock the matching outfits quite a bit..haha! Just wait until you see their spring/summer wardrobes!! :) They are going to hate me for it one day. haha! I can't wait to show them all these pictures when they are about 17 and 14 yrs. old! ha!


The Cantlons said...

Your girls are so beautiful. It makes me sad that I have not had the opportunity to get to know them very well. You are a terrific mom, and I love reading about what you and the girls are up to each day! Miss you and Love you!!

nanny said...

these are all so cute, I want copies

nanny said...

these are the cutest pics I want copies

Terry, Leslie and Noah said...

ADORABLE! I love all the pictures, especially that first one of Liv. Your girls are absolutely beautiful!

Fideles Five said...

I love when they match! My girls love it just gets me when people think mine are twins! :) I love the pictures, aren't girls so much fun!!?!

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