Sunday, March 28, 2010

More of the Girls!

Gigi and Goggy got the girls those adorable Anywhere Chairs from Pottery Barn! They arrived the other day, and.....

both girls promptly broke their necks playing on them...or that's what appears to happen based on these pics! haha!

A little break to love on her big sister! :) This is how they sit around the house sometimes. I mean, come on...that is the sweestest thing I have EVER seen!

And, this little one is a MESS! ha! As soon as she sees the camera she yells, 'CHEESE!' and squishes up that sweet little face! She is sooooo much fun, but man oh man she's a hand full.

Their new reading chairs! I love them! Thanks, so much Goggy and Gigi! :)
CHEESE!, again! ha! Oh, and I swear she doesn't ususally look this messy. She had just finished dinner with no bib! You know how it is...if big sister isn't wearing a bib, neither is she! :)

So...we have this big, beautiful whilpool tub in the master bath, and in the almost 2 yrs. we have lived here, I bet there has been maybe 5-10 baths taken in that tub. So, I decided to let the girls play in it the other day. I thought Liv would get a kick out of the jets and the bubbles.

She could have cared less, she prefers showers. (Yes, my 4 yr old and 18mo old prefer showers-haha!) But, she did get a kick out of watching Abby make beards from the bubbles!

And, she didn't throw a fit when Abby put them on her head, but she wasn't too sure about touching the bubbles! As you can see from all the pics, she has those little hands up, not wanting to get the bubbles on them in every picture. So, sorry might be another 2 yrs before anyone uses you again! ha!
And, these are all the pictures I wanted to get blogged on Thur., and it's now Sunday at 11:30pm! ha!


The McAfee's said...

those chairs are too cute!! my boys prefer showers too.

Chris and Melissa said...

I LOVE those chairs!! I have looked at those in the store at least a hundred times. What sweet grandparents! And once again, what I wouldn't give to be able to meet up and have that glass of wine after those busy Mom days!!

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