Monday, March 8, 2010

These girls....

are just too much fun! These are just random pics from the last week or 2!

So funny...Abby still fits in this baby stroller and Liv will push her everywhere in it! You can see her little face straining to get it moving! haha!
No Fear Liv! This child has ZERO fear...good for some aspects of life, heart attack for Mommy! haha!

Such a goofball! She's so rotten, it's pathetic!

And, with a face that adorable...why wouldn't she be rotten! :) (she always has something silly on...Scott's hats, Abby's clothes, my shoes!...I LOVE it)

Such a big, independent girl. If Abby gets her own big spoon, then you better believe Liv is getting one, too!...and feeding herself...and dressing herself...and on and on! The battles have begun, and she is one firey, independent little sass!

This made me smile so big. Abby came out one morning before anyone was awake, got out her bendaroos and labeled these cabinets. The one with Abby is where we keep all of her arts and crafts, and then the other is where we have all of our plastic cups, coffee mugs, etc. so she out Dad on that one! haha! You can barely see it in this pic, but it's so sweet, I can't take it down!

Baking cake with Mommy! Abby wouldn't dare lick the spoons, mixers, etc. but this one...look out...she's our eater! :)


The McAfee's said...

toooo cute!! jake's not ventured to dressing and undressing himself yet. i know it's coming! ;)

Chris and Melissa said...

do NOT take those bendaroos off the cabinet! it's too precious!!

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