Friday, March 26, 2010

Playing catch up....

Well, one thing is certain, I am certainly not the blogger I once was. I just can't seem to stay caught up. I'm going to blame the computer (since I hate our laptop-ha!). Anyways, we have had one heck of a time around here. I know I have mentioned bits and pieces about Abby not feeling well, but we had about 6 weeks where the child could just not get well. First it was the stomach bug, then her first ever ear infections, then more puking, then strep and then we finally capped all of that off with an allergic reaction to her antibiotics, which meant a week out of school, fevers, a rash that lingered for almost 2 weeks and lots of over tired grumpy people. We had a great week where everyone was healthy and now we are all battling the cough, runny nose, allergy (maybe?) mess. But, other than this last bout, we were lucky enough to not all pass the puking, strep, etc. around. Thank God for that!

Back to what everyone wants...Pictures! :)

Abby now sleeps with a sleep mask! haha! I love it and it's so hysterical and it really does help her sleep later in the mornings. (Why I didn't think of this years ago is beyond me-ha!) But, this particular night she was so pitiful. She was running a fever, broken out all over in a rash and I peeked in and saw her sleeping there like a little angel! :)

Thankfully, the weather finally broke a little last week and we have been soaking up as much of it as we can...especially since it's 30 degrees again! UGH!

Kite of our favorite things to do (and it's a good thing since we live in a damn wind tunnel here. Even when it's 85 degrees and gorgeous, the wind is ALWAYS a nightmare here!)

On the pretty days, we manage to spend a good 3-4hrs outside playing, having picnics, walking the dog, etc. Liv is LOVING it!! Last year she was just walking towards the end of summer, but this year there isn't a place Abby goes that she doesn't follow. She climbs EVERYTHING at the park. I am predicting a trip to the ER before summer is over, because the child has NO fear (total opposite of her big sister who has always been so cautious). There is a huge slide at the park in town that Abby wouldn't even touch until late last summer, and Liv climbed right up like it was nothing. We went down that thing at least 100 times the other day!

We haven't been home since Thanksgiving! :( I know, I can't believe it either (we will be there SOON, though :), so every once in a while when Abby is missing Nanny and Papaw, she will pretent that we are going to stay with them. She came out all packed and ready to go the other day! :)

Scott's birthday has also come and gone! He's the big 33!! Old man! haha! The girls and I got him some camping gear that he had been wanting and baked him a brownie cake. Mom and Dad were here to celebrate with us, and Mom made her famous meatloaf for him.

I know that doesn't even scratch the surface of getting caught up, but it's good enough for now, I guess! :) I'm going to try to make it my mission to get some more blogged today!


Chris and Melissa said...

glad you're back!! also glad abby's feeling better. the sleep mask is hysterical and i love the hobo look (as she was packing for nanny's). miss you so much, girl!!

The McAfee's said...

we are glad you are back! i've been wondering about you since i can't keep up with you on facebook either! glad abby is getting better! we'll be right there with you in the ER. my boys are WILD but i wouldn't have it any other way!

The Utz Family said...

So glad you are all getting back to "normal"! Love Abby's outfit! What a hoot!

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