Friday, September 23, 2011

Scott's New Toys!

I need to get better pictures when it's not getting dark, but they were so excited to ride it! Scott's brand spankin' new Polaris!

There they for a little ride before I make them come in! ha!
And, his new trailer to haul above 4-wheeler!
And, Liv and I stayed back to play while Abby and Scott rode around the neighborhood!
What a little goof ball! :) She wasn't too thrilled with the 4-wheeler at first but she likes it now.
They would ride it all day. Scott bought it mostly for hunting because he leases 60 acres with a friend but for now we just tool around here with it. In the evenings there are more 4-wheelers on the road in our neighborhood than there are cars...rural living for ya'! (as rural as you can get in Southern IL, that is-ha!) But, it's fun to ride over to the neighbors. There are 8 kids that are in Kindergarten at Abby's school that live in our neighborhood! Basically, our neighborhood makes up about 1/4 of their class! ha! Thankfully, they split them pretty evenly between the 2 teachers/classes. However, I fear for us adults when they are all teenagers! haha!

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