Tuesday, September 27, 2011

School Updates! :)

I mean, really?!? Have you ever seen a more adorable school picture!? :)

I just wanted to post an update about school, Abby's darling school pictures and a little someone else who gets a lot of time and attention in this house these days....Griffin!

Here is Abby's Kindergarten class! :) Aren't they sweet!? Can't they just stay this size forever! It's so awesome, though, to know that she will be growing up with such a good group of kiddos. I think back to elementary school and how many of the people that were good friends of mine, are good friends of mine still to this day. I can't believe in just the blink of an eye these kids will be grouped together again in caps and gowns!...okay, I am getting a little ahead of myself and a little emotional now! ha!
See that little ham in the front row, center? Yeah, that's Griffin!...the love of Abby's life! ha! Here he is with his 'stick up hair!' as Abby calls it! Apparently, Griffin only has 'stick up hair' on special days! ha!
So, from Day 1 the shining light of all of Abby's school experience has revolved around Griffin! All we hear is, 'he's so funny, he did (this or that) at recess, I was on Griffin's team in PE and we won, Griffin tried to hold my hand (he actually had to be moved from her table because I guess this got to be an issue-ha!), Griffin talks to me the most, my locker is right next to Griffin's, Griffin likes me!' You get the idea! Well, you know me, I had to get in there and get to know this Griffin kid! ha! And, I am happy to report, he's a total cutie, comes from a great family, etc.! Some of my favorite Griffin stories thus far:

*"Mom...Griffin showed me his belly button today and he has an outie just like Liv!" ha!

*He will come out and sit down by me when I am at the school to pick up Abby in the afternoons. Abby will mention something about lunch, etc. and he will nit pick at her and correct her...example:Abby-'We had applesauce today @ lunch!' Griffin-'No, I think it was pear sauce or something, remember?' They are like an old married couple! HYSTERICAL!

*Friday night Abby tells me that we need to go to the Central football game! I was surprised as 1. I didn't know she knew that Central was the name of the local high school, 2. how did she know there was a game. I ask why, and then she starts....'Well, two of Griffin's older brothers, Luke and Caleb, play football for Central and Griffin wants me to go to the game, blah blah blah! I asked how she knew all of that: brothers, their names, they play ball, etc!!! 'Oh, Griffin told me!' Of course he did! ha!

*Today as we were waiting for the kiddos to get released we got on the subject of Abby and Griffin and some of the parents were laughing about stories they had heard, telling me that he is so much older acting because he has three older brothers, we were laughing about Abby trying to meet him at a game. As we are talking about all of this, here they come and we hear...'Hey, Abby...look at me, I'm carrying my brothers back pack, it weighs about 55 pounds!' We all just cracked up, and one of the Dads turns to Abby and says, 'in other words, he wants you to see how strong he is!' haha! Abby just gets so embarrassed when people talk to her about it. It's so funny!

I wanted to make sure and document this because I just have this feeling that we will hear about and see lots of Griffin over the years! :)

And, in other school news, Abby is doing great. After that first week or 2, there hasn't been a single tear shed! She is doing awesome, she loves it, she has met so many sweet little friends, she has never moved off of green in any area (green is the best, meaning that you excelled in the three areas: attitude, behavior and community) and she aced all of her initial screening tests. Actually in Pre-Math (shapes, patterning, etc), Number Sense and Pre-Reading (letter recognition, etc) she got every single question correct. And, in Pre-Reading (letter sound recognition) she only had a few in the incorrect box. I am so glad that it appears that she will not have an issue with all the testing. I am amazed at much she is learning as far as writing and spelling. And, she could read quite a bit before she started school, but she is really starting to recognize words and sound out the ones she doesn't already know, even street signs, store signs...she's wanting to read everything now. We are so blessed that this is all coming so easily and naturally for her. She's always been a smart little cookie, so I am not surprised...it's just nice to know that it's official! ha! ;)


The McAfee's said...

That Griffin stuff is hilarious!!! Meet him at the game!! ha ha ha ha!!!!! I am so glad to hear that school is going better!!! I am amazed at all they are doing in K at Sam's school too. I love to watch them learn!!!

Terry, Leslie and Noah said...

This post cracks me up! How cute!!

Kiersten Marie Hoehn said...

Abby looks JUST LIKE YOU!! Also, the Griffin stuff cracks me up too!! It's hilarious!!

The Cantlons said...

Seriously, her picture is the cutest picture ever, and she looks just.like.you!!!

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