Wednesday, September 14, 2011 here's a new adventure!

Look at those little ones...busy with school work! :)

Last week started a new adventure in the Utley Household...HOMEWORK! Here are a few homework observations:

1. Since Day 1 of Abby's life I have been her teacher. I feel as though I sent her to Kindergarten totally prepared with the basic knowledge a 5-6yr old would require and then some, and I have always enjoyed teaching her new things and not to toot my own horn, but I have always had a lot of patience when it comes to teaching the girls. TOOT! TOOT! ha! (my sister in law and mother in law, both who are teachers, have even commented on many occasions that I should seriously consider going back to school for early education and teach) that there is REAL, ACTUAL homework involved, I am fully able to say that I think this is going to be an area for Scott because:

2. Abby and I are. TOO. MUCH. ALIKE. We are both hard headed perfectionist that think we know exactly how to do things and we are both waaaay too hard on ourselves and expect perfection from ourselves. (I received my first B in high school and cried for 3 days....true story-haha!) I can see too many arguments during homework time, so I am admitting now that this might be Scott's area of expertise. I was ready to explode on the inside the first night of homework and I caught myself many times from correcting her or telling her how I would do something.

3. Learning skills: While not a total bad thing, Abby also seems to have my learning skills...AKA: a wonderful memory! I have a phonographic and photographic memory (to some degree), so aside from a few math and biology classes, I never had to study. I could crank out anything I ever heard or read from memory! Great for making good grades, not so great for retaining that information for really, really long periods of time! So, while I am trying to show and teach her skills to prepare her for reading, etc. other than her memory, she sits at the bar singing Justin Bieber songs, leaving one to think that there is no way she could be doing her homework correctly, only to hand it to me while finishing it in 30 seconds flat with everything completed perfectly! ha! I remember 'studying' for HUGE vocab exams in high school on the 25 min. ride to school! (as a rider, not the driver...although judging from my driving record in high school, you would think I was doing homework while driving-ha!)

Not to be left out or out done, Liv always has to do her 'homework' too! ha! Now, what might be even more difficult than homework with Abby will be homework with Liv once she's in school. She has a mechanical mind, very unlike me. She learns by doing, she is very resourceful, she can figure out the inner workings of things, when we do math related projects and 'lessons' she will often 'get it' before Abby does. She has no time for sitting and listening to something....I joke that Abby will be the total book worm, reading anything and everything she can get her hands on, the kid that LOVES doing extra credit, etc. and Liv will be the kid that runs in and is like, 'okay, someone give me the answer so I can get to recess faster!' haha! Again, we will give homework duty to Scott! ha!

Liv's 'homework!'
Abby's homework!

Man, this school thing is going to do us in one way or another, isn't it!? ;) haha!


The McAfee's said...

ha ha ha!!! Sam loves to do homework so far!!! He thinks it's the greatest thing. I think it is so neat to see how the boys are alike and the different. I can't wait to learn more about nora! fun post! :)

Jaime Mac said...

You are so funny! I love that you & Abby might 'fight' over homework! Hilarious!
UHM-who's going to help her when Scott's gone?!
also-I didn't know you have all that crazy stuff going on in your brain w/ the memory stuff. That's uber cool.

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