Friday, September 16, 2011

First Jobs!!

This weeks blog off is first jobs.

I had the best first job EVER! I worked as an assistant to a beautician at Hair Nails and More. Started when I was 15. I answered phones, swept floors, removed nail know, all of that very difficult, very important stuff! ha! I got my nails and hair done for free and when I turned 16 and got my license, I got to run errands for the girls at the salon and drive my bosses yellow mustang! Oh, and I only worked on Sat. mornings and sometimes a night or two during the week! Like, I said....VERY serious job! ha!

I didn't have time to work during the school year because of cheerleading. I had either practice or a game just about every night. And, I also ran track a few years, so if cheer season was over, it was straight to track season. But, during the summers, I worked. I was not a fan of babysitting, so I always made sure to snag a fun job waiting tables. I worked at Kelly's Korner Kitchen in Greenville one summer and at Sam's @ Highlander Point one summer. LOVED working both places, made great money actually and had a lot of fun.

The summer before I went off to college a friend of mine talked me into working at a daycare center with her....HATED IT! NOT. FOR. ME! But, I stuck it out for about 2 months and made the most of it.

During college I worked at the World's Greatest Restaurant, Dumplin's! I was the dessert girl and worked my way up to waiting tables! ha! I also worked as an assistant for a man that sold Allstate insurance. LOVED the job, but he was a hot mess. I grocery shopped for him and everything. Totally ridiculous, but he paid good and I worked when my schedule allowed, so that was nice. I also worked for the university my last 2 years at Murray State. I was hired on as an Orientation Counselor/Ambassador. It was THE job that everyone wanted and they only hired about 30 students each year. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it. They paid us $100/per orientation session...that's BIG time for a college student. That's a lot of beer! haha!

FUNNY WORK STORY! I got hired to work at Fred's my junior year of college. A few of my friends worked there and I thought it sounded fun. First of all, the horrible boss lady came out with my name tag on my second day of work (all I did the first day was fold clothes-ugh)...anyways, she comes out with a name tag that says ANDI and gives it to me. I tell her my name in Andrea. She says, 'we already have an Andrea here!' I say okay, 'I will even go by Annie, but NOT Andi!!' (I mean, really!? ha!) She says, 'sorry, we also have an Anne, so you will be ANDI!' I was almost in tears at this point. I put my f-ing ANDI name tag on and go back to sort more shirts when she comes out with a shirt for me to wear. Everyone has to wear red polo shirts. Not a big deal, I can handle that, until I unfold mine and it's an EXTRA LARGE! So, here I am with my extra large red polo and my Andi name tag! I go to the bathroom to put it on and just start sobbing. I actually walked out of the bathroom and QUIT! Somewhere I have a picture of me AND my room mate in the shirt (AT THE SAME TIME-ha!) with my ANDI name tag, and I have looked everywhere for it and can't find it. :( Hopefully, I will run across it soon so I can post it for you all!
And, there you have it, folks!

Love always,

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The McAfee's said...

ANDI!! ha ha ha!! HOW crappy is that!!! Funny now though!!!

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