Friday, September 23, 2011

Dancing Queens!

The day I have been waiting for since I heard, 'it's a girl!' at Liv's ultrasound! Both of my girls... heading off to dance class, cute little leotards, sweet little shoes! Abby is an old pro when it comes to dance so she was excited to get back to business and show Liv the ropes! ha!
Abby in her first big girl class. Since she will be SIX (oh my word, that is hard to say and even harder to believe), she was bumped into the classes where they not only group them by age, but also by experience/skill. She's the littlest one in the class and LOVES to remind me that there is a second grader in her class! ha!
She is good at tap and she likes it, but she LOVES ballet!
Liv going into class! Look at that cute little butt in a leotard! LOVE! :)
Opps...she's in the wrong class! hahaha!
Okay, we got her into the right class! Look at that face, no doubt saying, 'Really, Mom!? I have to dance with these little kids...take me back to the big kid class!' haha!
Abby's second half hour is ballet. There she is at the bar with her fave teacher, Miss Katy! :)

And, in keeping to the fact that my children are TOTAL opposites, Liv could take or leave ballet, but give this girl a pair of tap shoes and it's ON! She taps to the beat of any song and shakes that little ghetto booty for all it's worth! ha!
Since it was the first night we were able to watch Liv's class, so Abby gets done 30min. before Liv so she came in to show the little ones a thing or two! ;)

And, my favorite picture of the night! The teacher told them to do what she does and follow her, then she turned around to face them, so Liv turned around, too! hahaha! She danced the whole section like that and never missed a beat! She doesn't need no stinkin' teacher! ha!
I can't wait for recital! I just love that the girls love it so much! I danced for MANY years and loved it. I also think it taught me so much. I enjoy watching them enjoy themselves and learn new things, learn the value of team work, following directions, responsibility, coordination, etc.

It also hit me last week that the 30 min overlap while they are both in class will be my only 30 min of alone time each week while Scott is gone! Pathetic, huh!? haha! In other words, they will go to dance every week whether they want to or not because Mommy needs her 30 minutes of sanity! haha!

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