Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Life in the Utley House!

*I am going to write a boring, no picture post, just to get caught up and to publicly declare that I am going to try REALLY hard to update on a regular basis like I used to (although, I am probably just talking to myself, because I probably have ZERO followers left!-ha!).

*So, Halloween was my last post, and I apologize, some of this will be a repeat. Anyways, since then, we have celebrated 6yrs of marriage, I turned 30 (dear Lord, I can't even hardly type that without getting depressed-ha!), Abby turned 5 (again, can't even think of that without bursting into tears!), we raised almost $60,000 for the school at the auction I was the chairperson for and I am SO thankful that is OVER!!!!!!, we made a trip to Scott's parents for hunting season, an extended trip to my parents for Thanksgiving, we have decorated 3 trees (and, all 3 are still standing-anyone remember the Great Christmas Tree Crash of 2009?!-ha), we hosted a Birthday party for my big 5yr old and all of her little crazy friends, basketball season has kicked off which means I am SUPER busy since I am coaching the JV and Varsity cheerleaders at Carlyle high school and we kicked off the season last week taking the VICTORY in the Kaskasian Classic, Scott had some time off for the Holidays, I'm still coaching tumbling around 6-8hrs a week in addition to coaching the school squads, I completed my first round of choreography for a college cheerleading squad and had a great time working with the ladies and gentlemen at McKendree University, Scott got a deer while we were at his parents, Abby is keeping busy with tumbling and her busy social life :) and has recently told us she wants to start dance again, Liv LOVED story time so we are looking for something else for us to do this winter, the girls are more fun than I could ever have imagined and we have so much fun it should be illegal! Abby got her first 'report card' of the year, and just as we expected...she's brilliant! :), she is more than ready for Kindergarten, she knows how to speak Spanish better than I do and I studied it for 4yrs in school. Liv is also a little tumbling fool. She's a little natural, though, so I'm not all surprised when I find her doing something on her own after watching me at work one night. She is sassy and sweet and a little streak of naughty. Abby and Liv are night and day, and I LOVE it! :)

*We are all healthy, doing great, looking forward to Christmas and, as always, our only complaint is that we wish we lived closer to home! :( Now, here is my promise...I will be back tonight with LOADS of pics from all of the events I mentioned above. So, hopefully, we still have a few faithful followers! :)


Wickenkamp Family said...

We are still here!!!

nanny said...

I am still here post em chick!!

Polly said...

Still here. Check yours and Amanda's regularly.

The McAfee's said...

I am still here!!! I can't wait to see pics!! I think those girls are hilarious!! :)

Terry, Leslie and Noah said...

I am still following too! I love reading and seeing pics of you all! Keep em coming!

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