Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Decorating, Round 1

For those of you that know Scott and his family, you know that they set up their trees and Christmas decor on November 1st (NOT exaggerating!) Well, I am used to putting it up after Thanksgiving. It's taken me YEARS to work him into pushing the decorating back a little later, and this year we held off until mid-November. We started with the girls little tree, the Christmas village, decor and the dining room tree.

Our master decorator hard at work! :)

Olivia is very into dressing herself, and I love it too much to do any different! (unless we are going in public, and even then I will compromise with her a little :)
Putting the star on the tree....and, then Scott remembered he wanted colored lights on this tree! SERIOUSLY!? haha! So, we re-strung the lights! He's such a brat! ;) ha!

But, I must say, the colored lights look good on this tree. They won't touch my big tree, but they look good on this one! ha! The tree is the perfect back drop for dining! :)

Our festive foyer! (See that beautiful table there...that was out big purchase from the dinner auction (much to Scott's dismay-ha!)! It's a hand made barn wood table! I LOVE it! (and Scott does now, too)

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Wickenkamp Family said...

Love the table!!! That snowman looks good too...hahaha!!! We are still checking up on you with the blog...doing good!!!

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