Sunday, November 21, 2010

More Halloween Fun...

As I mentioned below, we have a good time with Halloween. The girls are at such fun ages. They are so into everything that the Holidays involve. I love it.

Highland Trick or Treat trail. Abby's 3rd costume (there were 4 this year-haha).

This picture cracks us up. Scott was telling Abby and I to say cheese and look at little Liv in the background. She thought she was having her pic taken, too!

How dare we leave her out!

And, more from Halloween night.

Going through their loot. Considering that they only eat the suckers, gum and maybe Liv will try something else, the candy gathering is pretty much just for sport. We pick out what we want and the rest is trashed, but it's still fun. We showed them how we used to sort our candy when we were little. :)

And, the great Halloween Crash of 2010! haha! They were DONE!

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The McAfee's said...

it's about time!! thanks for the updates!! :)

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