Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Decorating, Round 2

Just a couple of days before Thanksgiving, we got out the BIG dog! MY big 9 (almost 10) footer!

My face looked similar to Abby's...I was SO excited! ha! And, look @ Scott's! He was NOT so excited! ha!

We thought we wanted it here....

Liv and Dixon just watched and caused trouble for the most part...that's their specialty!

But, we didn't like it in it's first spot, so we moved it to here! :)
And, I am going to keep you hanging on this one. The tree is decorated and gorgeous, but I can't find a topper that suits me, so it still isn't completely finished! It took us HOURS to just get it fluffed and get the ornaments on it. What a job! But, we love it!
And, Avery, Abby's good friend and our neighbors who moved to New Jersey for a couple of years, wer in town visiting, so the girls were able to play and we decorated cookies! We sure do miss them! :(

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Terry, Leslie and Noah said...

Love the pic of Liv & Dixon! Too cute! :)

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