Thursday, December 9, 2010

Beach Blast...

I briefly mentioned the dinner auction I planned for Abby's school. Well, it's the school's largest fundraiser of the year and for some insane reason, when they asked for people to help plan it, I volunteered. Well, no one else did, so they asked me to chair the whole friggin' event! WHAT!? Abby is only in preschool and they need me to chair the event! That should have been my first red flag! haha! Why wouldn't anyone else want to do it!? So, at my first planning meeting I talked Staci, who was room mom with me last year and our girls are friends, into co-chairing with me! I didn't really know Staci all that well at that time, just knew she was nice and we chatted when we picked the kids up, etc. Well, we will just say we have spent so much time together planning the auction, she's now a dear friend of mine and we rarely go a day without talking! haha! So, here we are...all ready for BEACH BLAST!

The auction date happened to fall on our Anniversary! ha! Poor, Scott! Not only did the auction planning rule our life for months, but then he had to spend our Anniverary @ the auction! Planning was hard and intricate and time consuming and involved SO much, but the actual event was a great time!

My first taste of ski....was chasing Jack Daniels! haha! Back story: Ski is a drink that is bottled here in this little town. Ski is a way of life around here. Dairy King opens at 7:30am so that people can stop and get Ski, even though they don't start serving food until hours later! It's a Moutain Dew-ish drink. I am not a fan of drinks like that, so I had never even tasted a Ski. I mentioned this at the auction, and when you say that...get ready! Next thing I knew they were at my table with a 'snoot shooter!' Ugh!
What a relief to have the auction OVER and we know all to well why no one else volunteered to chair the event-ha! Scott thinks it should be a paid position at the school! ha! But, it is that much work. But, the end result was great. We raised almost $60,000 for the school! :) Go, us! haha!

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The McAfee's said...

that last pic is hilarious!!! i like ski, by the way! nice work!

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