Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What's new, you ask!

Just wanted to give a quick update on things around here...

**Abby-She will be starting her second year of pre-school in a few weeks. She's VERY excited to get back to school. She is going 3 days a week this year, for just 3hrs. each morning. I'm not about to part with her everyday for the public pre-K program yet! I know, I know...be quiet...she's my baby and I'm not ready for that yet! As I mentioned before, she's in a tumbling class...and, against what I have said before, she is in one of my classes. It's acutally working out great. She is such an angel in class and does everything I ask of her. It's like she knows the pressure is on because I'm her Mom AND her coach! haha! She has such a blast and she's doing so good. She will also be starting soccer in a couple of weeks. She's excited. I hope she enjoys it...and, Scott and I will be coaching that, also...more on that later! ha! She's as funny as ever, I am just so bad about getting it all documented these days. :( Her favorite movie right now is Willy Wonka. She thinks she's 16, but she is still the size of most 3 yr olds! haha! She's a VERY good girl and never gives us a minute of trouble. She also thinks she is Olivia's second mother! ha!

**Olivia-Oh, Olivia! What are we going to do with this one!? haha! She is wild, fearless, hard-headed, fiesty, she can be best described with the phrase 'constant destruction!' But, she is goofy and fun and just as sweet as they come! She will throw a book at you, then spend the next 30min. loving on you because she knows it was wrong. She's like that Sour Patch Kid commercial! haha! She says EVERYTHING. She loves playing with her big sister and her dog and destroying my house. She yells and she's demanding and she will look right at us and yell, 'water...NOW!' As if we will really let her get away with that. She thinks she is just as big and old as Abby, and there is nothing Abby can do that she doesn't think she can do...and, she will usually do it. She adores her big sister, she climbs everything and everywhere (which gives me a heart attack daily), she loves to read, she doesn't watch any TV so she has no idea who any of the characters are, she's a nightmare in the car, she laughs ALL day at EVERYTHING, she wrinkles her nose when she's nervous or when a stranger talks to her, and the only time she is quiet or still is when she is in a situation she isn't sure of or when she's asleep, and she runs and hides from me.

**Andrea-I can't tell anyone no, so I am so freakin' busy right now, it's insane. My resolution for 2011 is to STOP and say no everyone once in a while. I currenly have 3 jobs, I'm planning the fall dinner auction for Abby's school and I'm coaching Abby's soccer team this fall. I figure that I might be able to sit down and relax sometime around March of 2011! I recently was offered the head coaching position at a local high school to coach their varsity and competition cheerleaders. I will be taking over after football season, but I have been working with them here and there for the last 2 months. I am also teaching tumbling classes at a smaller gym out by our house, and I love it. It's so close to home, the kids and parents are great, I can take the girls with me when i need to, etc. I am also still at World Class, running their all-star cheer program and we doubled our numbers this year. BUT, with all the new opportunites coming my way, I have given my notice @ World Class and August 15th will be my last day! I am sad to leave the gym and the kids there, but it's time for me to go.

**Scott-Scott is busy with work and looking for a new car or truck to wheel and deal over! haha! Because of his lovely wife :), he is also coaching Abby's soccer team and he pulls solo kiddo duty when I am at work. And, let's face it, he puts up with me and the girls and that's a job in itself. He tries to play golf or fish when he can, but he also has 500 projects here he is working on or planning. He's the best! :)

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