Tuesday, July 27, 2010

As Seen on TV!

We saw a commercial once for this kit that makes these gigantor cupcakes. Abby was amazed and when I saw the kit at Garden Ridge the other day, I had to get it!

Here we go...get ready to have your mind blown by this super awesome great big cupcake! ha!

My little chefs! :)

The master mixer and the angry toddler that wants a turn! haha!

Well, we managed to bake them, let's see if we can put this thing together and ice it!

Voila...a big cupcake! ha! Funny thing is, it's still sitting in the kitchen and no one has even had a bite. We aren't big sweet or dessert eaters in this house, so I won't be surprised if it sits there uneaten until the day I finally toss it in the trash and we make another! ha!
Next on the list: sham-wow and a topsy turvy! Just kidding!


Chris and Melissa said...

yes, you definitely need a sham-wow. you are cracking me up! i can't believe your girls are getting so big! they are just beautiful. i miss ya, lady!

Julia said...
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Julia said...

We have one of those, it's what I used for Natalie's birthday cake. You can make animals and stuff if you are brave enough :)

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