Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just another day in paradise! :)

Normally I blog about all the fun things we do, places we go, etc. but really it's the day to day, ordinary life that I love the most! :)

Lots and lots and lots of reading....both of my girls are readers and it's so fun to see Abby learn and recognize new words. She is very into knowing how to spell EVERYTHING. She will be my little bookworm for sure! And, Liv would have you read to her for hours!

And, Dixon...oh, Dixon! We do love this dog, but he rarely makes it on the blog, so here he is in all his glory!

The other day I caught the girls trying to put a tu-tu on Dixin, and bless his heart he was just taking it...haha! Abby loves Dixon but she only wants to mess with him when it's convenient for her-ha! Liv, on the other hand would spend every waking minute with him by her side. She LOVES him so much! She's going to be our little animal lover...the one that cries to keep every stray! :)

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