Monday, August 10, 2009

Trip from Hell!

We spent this weekend in Dixon with Scott's family! We had an awesome time...a nice, relaxing weekend, which is EXACTLY what we needed after the drive there...oh. my. Lord!

So, we left Thursday once Scott got off work. We get in the car and 15min. later, this happened! WHAT!? Yes, that is Abby asleep....IN A CAR! She had seemed fine all day, and was up at 6am that morning, we played hard all day, she was anxious to get there, so I thought she was just tired. (I should have known better)

I was in the back to feed Olivia, so I just stayed back there to entertain her while Abby napped! Look at that happy little booger (and take it in, because that happy face didn't last long...haha!)

That was scene for about 30min and then all hell breaks loose! Abby wakes up whining, complaining that she is just so tired! Uh-oh...we knew what was coming then, and Scott hands back the towels and plastic bags (how sad is it that we are so used to this that we have these things ready..ha!) So, she lays with her eyes closed for about 30 more min. and then it started....VOMIT everywhere....even with the towel, it still soaked her, the seat, me...everything. While I am trying to clean this up, Olivia starts screaming because no one is paying attention to her. And, I mean SCREAMING!
If you have ever driven to Dixon, KY, you know that there are only about 2 places to stop on the way, so Scott is high tailing it to a place to pull over and clean up and we finally make it, about 20min. later. (he had the windows rolled down, so that the smell didn't make him puke and I was still in the back with the girls, and those of you that know me know, I get car sick REALLY bad, so here we all are on the verge of puking, not knowing if we should cry or laugh) We get out, clean everyone up (or as much as you can in a car). Abby is changed, most of the puke is cleaned out, car seat is wiped down as much as we can get it. We get in to finsish the almost 2hrs. we have left to go! The 2 hrs. go pretty much the same as the last 30min. Two more rounds of puke and a screaming, crying, over tired Olivia! I have never in my life been so happy to get out of a car! Thankfully, Abby bounced back and we had a GREAT weekend.
I am going to note the one postivie of this trip: for a brief (VERY brief) moment I thought about having another baby in a year or 2....Well, you can toss that idea right out the window now! hahahahaha! And, I get to turn around and do it ALONE with the girls again this week, and drive all the way to my parents. Waaaaaaaahhhh!!!


The Cantlons said...

Annie, I am surprised that you did not have your head hanging out the window like our trip to Florida when Adrianna was little. Haha!!

The Utz Family said...

OMG! That is awful!! There is nothing worse than puke in the car seat! Good luck this week!:)

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