Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Home, Reunion, Baby Showers...

Last Thursday, the girls and I headed home for a fun filled long weekend. I had my 10yr. class reunion, that I had been planning for almost a year! So exciting! It's always nice to be home: family, friends, running errands while Mom and Dad keep the girls! :) Heaven!!

Nanny and her girl playing dress up. They choreograhed an entire dance routine. It was hysterical. I got it on video, but it would probably take 5hrs. to upload. (and, Mom would probably not appreciate me posting that for the whole world to see...hahaha!) Lookin' good, ladies!

And, I am guilty of getting in on the dress-up fun. Mom has all of my old dance costumes/cheer uniforms (over 10 yrs. worth of them!), and Abby LOVES playing in them. This is a combo of some of them. I thought about wearing this to my reunion! hahaha!

Before we left for the reunion!

We had am AWESOME turn-out, around 60-70 classmates showed up and with their guests, we had close to 120-130 people in attendance. It was SO MUCH FUN!

Catching up with everyone was so wonderful! I miss you girls SO much! :( (Dawna, Em and Kristen!)

BFF's since 1st grade! It doesn't matter what we are doing together, when Ang and I are together, it's a GOOD TIME!

I love this girl! I am so glad she married James, so she could be at the reunion! hahaha! Jamie, you're the best! I had a BLAST! We must get together again SOON!

Brad, my very first boyfriend. He painted my name on his face at the school's Fall Festival...it was a VERY serious relationship! hahaha! It was so fun to see him and meet his wife!

Jason, one of my oldest and dearest friends!

DEL! Never a dull moment when he is around! Love this guy!
The classic Bob Plummer cowboy hats that he made for everyone when we were Seniors! This weekend really made me miss those days and all those people from North Harrison! Good times!

We had a family picnic the following morning out at the elementary. It was so fun to meet and see everyone's kiddos!

Me, Ang and our girls. It's no easy task getting all these Divas to smile for a picture!

Close enough! haha!

Katherine, another person that has been a dear friend of mine for YEARS, at her baby shower. I can't wait to meet Baby Garrett! :)
And, my girl making homemade waffles for everyone yesterday morning!


Dawna said...

It was so fun to see everyone this weekend. It just didn't seem to last very long. Hopefully we can get together again soon.

Derek, Khirstin, Braeden said...

Love the Invitation to Dance pose! ;)

The Utz Family said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!

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