Saturday, August 1, 2009

Homecoming Parade!

Tonight was the Homecoming celebration in one of the little towns in our area.

***So first, I have to say...those of you that graduated from North Harrison, we MUST get a group together and plan some festivities for football homecoming. This town goes ALL out. It was SO awesome. They get flat beds for all the graduating classes and they are all in the parade. So, they had everyone from Class of 1964-Class of 2004, etc. riding on these trailers, partying and having a BLAST! I was SO jealous! I am serious about getting some of us together and contacting the school to see if we can do something for the alumni at Homecoming. It would be so fun!

Anyways, back to what I was doing there! ha! My other girls (my cheer squads) were in the parade!

Me and the girlies!

Oh, look who we found! A cute little girl that just happened to be dressed just like we were! :) She walked about the last quarter of the parade with us. She was in HEAVEN with all the big girls!

Me and my girl. I can't believe she will be big enough to be on the pee wee squad in just a year or so! Too much fun!

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The Utz Family said...

Too Cute! I think Abby is going to be just like her Mommy!

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