Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The tooth fairy?!?!?!

**Too funny! Abby and I were just discussing teeth, since we are in the throes of Teething Hell around here with Liv. So, I was explaining all about how you get teeth when you are a baby, then you lose those teeth and then the tooth fairy comes and leaves you money under your pillow, etc. etc. Abby looked at me, dead serious, and said, 'I am not so sure about all of that!' hahahaha!

**Oh, she kills me. I'm not surprised, though, this is the same child that 'wrote' a letter to Santa, telling him to just leave the toys on the front porch and do NOT come inside the house! hahahaha!

**And, I am pretty sure that 3yr olds should come with a question quota. Once they hit 5,000 questions for the day....NO MORE! hahaha! The things this child comes up with are SO funny! We just had a 30min. conversation about where Olivia was during our wedding. She's quite content with the answer that she was in my belly at the wedding (NOT REALLY!-haha!), 'but, if she was in my belly, then where was Olivia!?' Finally, she settled with knowing that she and Olivia were waiting in heaven with Frank, Fu-fu and Jesus, until it was time to get in my stomach! I just love her! :) She makes me laugh so hard!


The McAfee's said...

i am with you on the 5,000 questions a day. who should we ask about that? :)

Derek, Khirstin, Braeden said...

Derek and I love Abby stories!

The Utz Family said...

Right there with ya! There so needs to be a limit on questions for the day!

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