Friday, March 7, 2008

Weekend Plans....

Well, hold on to your hats.....Biscuit is going to be at storytime tomorrow! LOL! Abby is so excited. We have been coutning down the days. I will have pics to post tomorrow. She also got invited to go swimming with some friends.

Above are some pics from last weekend of her mud baking with Nanny! Look how proud she is of her Mud Birthday Cake! LOL! It was 70 degrees last weekend and now we are back to freezing wind! Ugh....have I mentioned how sick I am of this weather. At least we aren't at home right now. Mom said most of you are getting 8-12in. Have fun! :-)


Nanny said...

I love my time with you Abby, you are a sweet heart, even in the mud and face first in the cool whip. Nanny I love you sugar!!!

Sarajo5 said...

Hey little Miss Abby. This is Grammy Sara. I just wanted to let you know that mommy and daddy should have brought you to Indiana this weekend. You could have made "Momen", hit Carson's daddy's truck with "Moballs" and made "Moangels" with him. Shame on mommy and daddy! He's having a ball in the snow. Carson says "Hi Abby" and Keaton says "haywo"

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