Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Our Little Gymnast.....

Well, Tuesdays are Gym Class day. This is a very big deal in our house. Abby LOVES class and she loves her teachers, Ms. Lauren and Mr. John. The class is really great. They do everything you can think of, and they teach them skills, but the kids go at their own pace. So, as you can imagine, Abby goes full-speed for all of it. Not to brag;-), but she is a natural! The uneven bars are her favorite, with the balance beam a close second. She is also content to just run like a maniac on the floor and get all the other kids to chase her, and they always do. LOL! We had a snow day last week, so our make-up day is this Friday, which means Daddy gets to go with us for the first time. She is sooooooo excited. Maya's Daddy was there today, and Abby couldn't stop talking about her Daddy. It was the sweetest thing EVER!
After class a bunch of the moms took the kiddos to Chuck E. Cheese. Abby LOVED the big singing characters more than anything. She is such a nut. She clapped and sang like a little groupie at a concert! LOL! She wants to take everyone there now. Nanny, Papaw, Gi-gi and Goggy-This is where dinner will be for the next few visits, I have a feeling! :-) She was so sweet...when she was done eating she said, 'let's go potty and then go home, mom!' LOL!


Sara said...

She is going to be an Olympic gold medalist one day!! :)

Anonymous said...

So sweet! I love the tongue hanging out...I had to laugh out loud when you said she ran like a maniac...I could see it!
I hope tomorrow is great weather, we look forward to meeting up with you at the park!


Dawna said...

Abby looks sooo much like you. She takes after you in the gym too. :)

Jeff Heacox said...

I love this picture! She is getting so big and so pretty!!!!!

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