Sunday, March 9, 2008

Biscuit Day and Polka-dot room.....

Well, yesterday was the BIG day. Biscuit was at storytime. Scott and I would describe it mostly as a nightmare, LOL, but Abby somewhat enjoyed it! The event started off with a woman with a horrid baby voice reading 3 Biscuit books to a bunch of toddlers. You can imagine how this went over......pretty much like a lead balloon! The children had NO interest in the stories, because even at 2 and 3, they knew how ridiculous this woman sounded, LOL!....and did they really expect all of the kids to sit quietly through 3 stories? Thankfully, Ms. Sue, the wonderful teacher that usually runs storytime, saved the day with songs. The singing is always Abby's favorite, and she LOVES Ms. Sue. After the songs, they made all of the children line up....again, have you ever tried to line up 50 toddlers and make them wait for far too long!? We were lucky enough to have some really sweet kiddos in line behind us, and Abby played with them (I think that was the highlight of her day:-). They finally brought Biscuit out.....WHOA! He was HUGE! Easily over 7ft. tall! I guess all of the employees UNDER 6'5 were busy doing other things! LOL! So, there was Biscuit. They walked him up on stage and let all of the kids walk by and hug him, get pictures, etc. When we got close, I quickly realized Abby would have NONE of that, so I handed off the camera to Scott, so that I could make the walk by Biscuit as NON-traumatic as possible. (More on Scott's camera work later) We got to Biscuit and Abby was less than trilled by the over-sized version of Biscuit, so I had to give him a hig-five, while she waved and blew him a kiss from a safe distance.

Moral of the story: Next time we are just taking her to the pet store to look at REAL dogs, or she can play out in the back yard with Dixon and pretend he is Biscuit! LOL! I think that would be easier and more fun for all of us!

So, here is Biscuit and the ONE pic that Scott got of Abby and Biscuit (check out his camera work, what a pro!!) LOL!!
We also got Abby's bedding for her new Big-Girl room yesterday. She wants a polka-dot room, and we found an adorable room idea in a Pottery Barn Kids magazine, so we are going to copy that. We got her bedding yesterday. It is so adorable. She picked it out all by herself. Scott thought I was crazy, and that she had no idea what she really wants, so he offered her the choice of her new bedding or Spiderman bedding, and she picked hers. LOL! Poor Scott, he just doesn't get it. Even at 2, girls know EXACTLY what they want. :-) We are now on the hunt for her new bed. I can't believe she will be in a BIG bed soon! :-( I will post pics of her new room when it is all finished. We won't have it done until May or so, because we still have to make some room decisions in the near future;-) and, we are CRAZY, and pondering putting the house back on the market, too! UGH!! Nooooooooooo.........LOL! More to come on that, also!!


Nanny said...

You don't have to sit on Biscuits lap NOOOOO, only Nanny's!! Good Job Scott!!!! Not many Dads were even there, I bet. Love you all

SarahLeemans said...

How cute!! Remember last year when Audrey was a Biscuit groupie?! LOL, she stormed the stage at Barnes and Noble! hahaha!!! I love this blog...and seeing adorable little Abby in action!! Can't wait to see the next little Utley as well. :)

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