Tuesday, April 2, 2013

More cheerleading...you are so shocked, I know! ;)

Kaskaskia College, where I work and coach, held a cheerleading clinic and the girls we pumped and ready. They had invited a lot of their little friend from school and the neighborhood, so it was a good time. We had a great turnout and raised a lot of money.
Abby, our little flyer, stunting with the college kids!! :)
 Liv single basing with Roz. :) This child is not afraid of anything!
At the tumbling station with their 2 favorite cheerleaders, Sarah and Karlie. :) (please click on this and check out Liv's face...SO her! haha!)
 Heel stretch!...at just 4yrs old! Go, Liv!
I won't bore you with my whole 'why cheerleading is a sport' speech! :) I will just say that I am so proud to work at a school that supports cheerleading. We get 8 FULL RIDE scholarsips to distribute as we wish. This year we have a squad of 14 and between cheerleading and their other activities, all of them receive scholarship money. I think that is pretty awesome. The sport has come a long way.

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