Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's a...

BOY!!!! What?!?!?! Yes, we are still in shock! ha! But, very excited. :) We went to my big u/s on Monday, and I was already feeling like I didn't want to wait. Scott was actually fine with not waiting so we ended up caving and got the shocking news! We wanted to surprise the girls that day after school so we made sure we called our parents and siblings to tell them the exciting news and then we headed out to get a Baby Boy balloon!
Anxious for their surprise!
 They are pumped! This baby boy will be so spoiled, it's not even funny! :)
 Liv wanted to surprise Abby with the announcement her arrival again! haha! Don't worry, Liv...we are still reeling from your arrival! :)
 Insert little mini Scott here....
 19 weeks along with Baby Boy!!! I look just like I did with the girls, though. Everyone keeps asking if I am carrying differently. Not at all.
 And, with our growing family, we needed a bigger ride. I'm now a REAL Mom...a van driving Mom! haha! I actually love it, and love having all the room. So nice for hauling extra kiddos and when we go to visit family, which is alot.
 And, other big news around here, this sweet 7yr old got glasses! She loves them, and hopefully they will be a huge help with her headaches. I think they are the most darling things I have ever seen! :)
Additional baby news...

*Scott is really in shock/denial/what ever you want to call it about the baby being a boy. He is convinced it will still come out a girl. haha! I, of course, had to run to the store for some boy shopping and I officially hate boy clothing. I am just way too picky. But, I did end up finding some really cute stuff that I love. Anyone with boys, where are the best places to shop? My general rules: no character stuff, no cheesy sayings, no trucks or vehicles of any kind, animals must be something sweet and clever (frogs, ducks, etc. are no's) and no sports apparel (nothing with logos or All Star...he is a baby, not an athlete). See...I'm too picky! haha! :)

*And, we just can't have a stress free pregnancy, and this one is no different. We got some news from the u/s that has this Momma freaking out, so if you are a prayerful person, please send them up for us. I again have problems with the way my placenta is positioned. I did with Liv also but was never placed on any restrictions and it corrected itself by 28 weeks. This time around, I am on some restrictions (which royally stink!): no lifting more than 10-15lbs, take it easy, scale down workouts, etc. But, I am not terribly worried about it. I am hopeful it will again correct itself before birth. We also found out that our sweet boy (who is nameless, so if have any good suggestions, fire away! :), but we found out the baby has hydronephrosis, which is essentially enlarged kidneys (or his renal cavity measured a little large). They have assured me this is common amongst boys, and often it corrects itself or is not actually an issue at all. But, I do go back for more extensive testing on that, also. *sigh* I am trying to stay hopeful that all will be well with that, also.


ginmommy said...

Well, first of all, CONGRATS! How exciting! Second, I am a praying person, so I will pray.

Jami said...

First of all, Congratulations! I'll pray for you too. I think I've heard of the kidney thing now that you mention it., let's see. Old Navy has cute stuff, but it is hard to get by without sayings on it. I always did pretty good with Kohl's, up until a certain age. I'm having a hard time with my 5 year old now going there. I used to be against character stuff too, then he got a mind of his own and now I just go with it. I've gotten lucky at Target a few times, usually with plaid shorts and matching shirts.

Jaime Mac said...

I was SOOO ready to blast you on fb if you hadn't posted about this yet! SO SO SO EXCITING! I can't wait to see how the girls do!
And bc I have EXTENSIVE child clothes shopping knowledge - I will share it with you: Kohl's & Penney's.
And I am praying for you too! :)

Alicia Mcafee said...


I will pray for you guys!!! I am sure everything will be fine!!!

Old Navy, Children's Place, Gap, Target. Those are my favs. You are going to have to get over some of that! ha! I hate character stuff too but trucks? Come on! He's a baby!! ha ha ha!!!

Chris and Melissa said...

Oh, SO, SO, SO excited for you guys!! I can't wait to see that sweet little boy's face and I just know he's going to have the biggest brown eyes!
I'm with Alicia- some of those clothing restrictions are going to go out the door, especially once he starts having an opinion! ha! Cade wants nothing but big trucks and tractors on his clothes! haha! Do you have a Carter's nearby? That is my absolute favorite place for the kids, especially Cade. Their stuff is super cute and so soft and comfy. You can also shop their store online.
We'll be praying for that little boy, too! And for your peace of mind. Our niece, Laila, was born with the same thing. She takes daily antibiotics and has regular ultrasounds to monitor it, but is doing great.

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