Tuesday, April 2, 2013


If you would have asked me a week ago, I would have said that I am not even sure if we would have been able to celebrate Easter with family because everyone was sick. First it was Liv, but she bounced back quickly and it didn't really slow her down, but then...then it hit Abby, and it hit HARD! She was SO sick! :( She started getting sick on a Friday after school and was not able to return to school until the following Friday. We narrowly missed hospitalization TWICE!, and almost 3 weeks later, she is still not 100%! She has lost about 5-6lbs (and had none to lose in the first place)! About 2 days into her virus, Scott calls me and says she is coming home from work...he's sick, too! NOOOOOOOOOOO! He was out of work for nearly a week, too. I have never seen any illness get him like this did. I am still thanking God that is spared me. We finally had everyone feeling so/so, but good enough to head to Scott's parents for Easter! The Easter bunny came here a couple of nights early. :)
 We did manage to decorate eggs, and we baked a bunny cake at Scott's parents.
 Easter loot from Gigi and Goggy on Easter morning.
I wasn't feeling well Sunday morning so I didn't take any photos :(, but after lunch the hunt for eggs was on!
 A rare of photo of just Scott and I. Of course, I hate it because I felt bad and I need a tan and I just feel like a heiffer-ha!, but you can see I am sort of starting to sport a little bump now! :)
 Scott found one of his old wiffle balls that is probably 20 years old during the egg hunt! Yay, Scott! hahaha!
 Abby made cascarones (confetti eggs) and finally was able to get everyone! :)
 The kiddos. We were missing a few, but they had a great time.
Abby started feeling bad AGAIN! after lunch. We left a couple of hours after that to get her home, made it until we were about 30min from home and she started vomiting again! :( Thankfully, it was just once this time and she was feeling better Monday and had Monday off of school anyways. I told everyone here that if anyone heard over the police scanner about a family puking, littering and peeing off of 64 at the Centralia exit to not be alarmed, it's just the Utleys! haha! Oh goodness...I need a vacation! Here's to hoping and praying this stuff leaves us for a VERY long time this time! Anyways, overall, I would say we had a happy Easter. Just wish we all could of felt a little better. Still so thankful that we were able to see and spend time with family to celebrate such a special holiday! :)

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