Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Baby Info...

Some stuff for me to remember about this pregnancy (that is greatly over looked...poor 3rd child! ha!)

*I feel the baby moving now. No one else had been able to catch it, but hopefully soon. The girls are anxious to feel some kicks! :)

*Speaking of the girls, Abby is really excited, yay a baby, she will look at it, hold it, but then, she will be done with it-ha! but Liv...oh, sweet, rotten little Liv is SO excited. She says it is HER baby, she will be the Mom and do everything the Mom does. She doesn't want to share a room with Abby, she wants the baby in HER room. She has everything planned, she will get up with the baby at night, she thinks she knows what to do with the baby at all times, etc. and she will. She is such a little motherly helper. So sweet. And, she still wants a girl named Fancy! haha!

*I have my big u/s on Monday the 15th! How can I already be that far along? Crazy! We aren't finding out, but it will still be exciting. I told Scott he better not leave me alone with the u/s tech, though, or I will be asking what it is...haha! I know me far too well. The temptation will get the best of me if he isn't there to supervise! :)

*I had another appt. last Friday and all looks and sounds well. We are moving right along. Heart beat has been consistently high. 150's-160's. I, honestly, don't remember what the girls were! Bad mom, I know. But, I've heard that is sometimes an indicator or sex of the baby, so I've been paying attention this time. ha! :)

*This is my last week coaching the gym. I pushed it to 18 weeks! I could do it longer but I don't want to take any chances. I had a little girl fall right on me tonight. Thankfully, she was little but it was still enough to shake me up a little and make me realize it is best to just be done for now. Plus, I am very excited for more time with my girls, especially this summer. It will be SO nice!

*I have gained about 7 lbs. so far!!!!! I only gained about 18 TOTAL with Liv!!! Aaaahhhhhh! Oh well. But, I gained about 28-30 with Abby, so I am trying to aim for somewhere between the 2 this time. The doc is pleased so, it is what it is... I guess 7lbs. at 17 weeks isn't anything to stress over. (yet, I still am because that is what I do best! ha!) I am sure this will be the last weight gain update I provide, though. hahaha! I always seem to steady from this point until about 28-30 weeks, not gaining much, then put the last bit on at the end, so it will be interesting to see how this one goes, being that I am no spring chicken anymore. ha! In my early 30's now...old! ;)

*My sciatica is killing me on nights when I work! HOLY MOLY, that is some uncomfortable stuff. I had it a little with Abby, but this is crazy. But, I am working much more, doing much more physical work, too, so I guess that is to be expected. I am hoping that will ease up a little once I am not working as much. Other than that, I really don't have any real complaints. I am feeling much better as far as morning sickness goes. I seem to be sleeping a little better, too, so that helps. I pretty much go all day forgetting I am even pregnant unless someone asks about it or once I finally settle in at night. Again...this poor 3rd child. With Abby, we talked about the baby NON-stop, everything revolved around me being pregnant, things were constantly being purchased and planned for the baby, etc. Now, it's like, 'oh, hey...should we maybe look into getting a vehicle that we can all fit it?....Sure, we have plenty time to worry about that! As long as we have something before the end of August.' haha! Yet, we do have TONS to do. Completely re-do 2 bedrooms, putting the girls in a room together for the time being, work on the basement, get a new vehicle, new furniture for the nursery and the girls, new travel system, go through all our baby stuff...the list is extensive and long. But, I guess that will be what we spend all summer doing. We'll worry about it once this school year wraps, I don't have the energy to worry about it right now. ha! :)

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