Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I need some serious...

blog time. My background is a mess. I think the one I had expired. I have nothing cute on my blog. I have no creative blog posts any more...*sigh*! I guess this would be called a blog slump!? Anyways, I have family and friends that are reading along for Scott updates, so here is what I have so far...

*He is FINALLY to his location. It was a lot of traveling and being held at other locations. He was worn out, not feeling well and pretty miserable the first time I talked to him. But, he finally made it and things are much better, he sounds like himself again, etc.

*He can log onto Facebook every couple of hours while he's working, and since it's so hard to catch him on messenger, email takes a while and I can't call him (he can call us, though), we have actually used Facebook quite a bit to stay in touch. Who would've thunk it?! So, if you ever see that it says he is online, he probably actually is. He was excited to talk to some people on there the other day. That was one of the first things he told me...who he'd talked to! :)

*He is working the 4pm-4am shift, so that he can stay on the same sleep schedule he would be on here, and getting a hold of us is easier if he works those hours, plus those hours are busier for them, too. He works 7 days a week and often longer than 12 hours each day. I know that sounds like it wouldn't be much fun, but he likes it. It keeps him busy and makes time go faster.

*He likes the people he's with (working with, rooming with, etc)...he says they are nice and normal, and that is just about as good a compliment as Scott will give someone! ha! So, if he thinks they are nice and normal, then I am sure they are cool guys. So, that is good. He was pretty worried about that.

*We haven't been able to Skype with him, yet, but I hope we can soon. Abby has been asking to see him a lot! :( So, hopefully, tomorrow or Thursday we will be able to figure out a time that he will have access and we will be awake, etc.

*He hates the food, and he misses fresh fruit, cottage cheese, etc. I mailed him some canned fruit, and I guess that will have to do until he gets back! He has no problem letting me know what he needs us to send him! ha! I have sent a huge package, my Mom has, my sister sent him something and he already has me making another list. ha! I'm sure he's hitting up his Mom, too! :)

***As for what we have been up to...surviving! ha! No, it's not been bad at all, actually. The girls have been great, we've been busy, Mom came and stayed 2 nights with us, friends are watching out for us, etc. I get really bored once the girls are in bed, I'm done with the nightly house clean-up, etc. I told my sister in law, I guess I need to teach Dixon how to talk! ha! Thankfully, I am usually so exhausted by then, I don't last long before crashing. And, Hallmark Christmas movies and Jimmy Fallon keep me occupied! ha! I will try to get back to normal blogging soon. I have some good pics I need to post, hopefully soon! :) Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!


Jaime Mac said...

The look of the blog might be plain, but trust me when I say you make up for it with your stories! :). Glad Scott is getting settled into his new routine. You will too soon! ;)

The McAfee's said...

I feel your pain girl!! Daniel helps a ton so when he's gone I certainly miss him but I really miss the conversation once the kids are in bed. It's so lonely! Hang in there!! We DO love your stories! :)

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