Friday, January 7, 2011


I know I mentioned it before, but back in August I left World Class to coach the cheerleaders at Carlyle high school. Great decision! :) I loved coaching @ World Class, and doing the all-star thing was fun for a while and I learned alot and met a lot of great people, but I missed real cheerleading, being in the school, games in the gym, etc. So, in late October, I had try-outs for my new squads. We have 22 girls between the Varstiy and JV (one of the largest groups the school has ever had), and I coach both squads. It's time consuming and a lot of work, but I really love it. The girls are great, they work so hard for me, and we are aiming for a bid to state finals (which would be a first in the school's history) on Jan. 29th! Carlyle is a small school (smaller than North Harrison even-ha!), so to have this many girls to work with and this much talent has really been a lot of fun for me. And, we get lots of support from the school (which is TOALLY weird to me since we didn't always get a lot of support...then again the supers daughter and the prinicipals daughter cheers, but hey...we will take it however we can get it!-ha!) And, for those of you that cheered with me in high school...we actually get floor time...EVERYDAY!! Also a first for the school, but with so many girls and our goal of really growing the program, they are willing to work us into the gym rotation with the basketball teams! I chuckle a little everytime the boys have to leave the floor when it's time for our practice! haha! But, the whole school and community have been so great...makes me wish my girls would be going to this school and also has made me really think about going back to get my teaching certificate. I just got my substitute certification, so I am excited about possibly subbing for a few classes here and there, if (or when) I ever can.

Anyways, just some fun pics of the girls @ practices and games!
FIVE base groups...I am so spoiled! haha!

Our Christmas party and gift exchange! :)

Varsity before one of our home games! Oh, to be so young and care free again! ha!
(MELISSA--note the girl on the bottom row, second from the right...that's Nicole...your teenage mini-me! haha!...seriously, she is so you! :)

And, I love the I can take my girls along to any practice, game, etc. At first Abby said the girls gave her a headache-haha!, but now she loves it, and Liv is ALL ABOUT IT! She cries to go to games with me! ha! They get down on the floor and dance and cheer with them, Abby tumbles. :) Makes it nice that since it does take a lot of my time in the evenings, at least they can tag along.


Dawna said...

Reminds me of the good old days and how much fun we had. Sounds like a great school and I'm happy you found it!

nanny said...

I love all of your new pics and stories, Love you too!

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