Friday, January 7, 2011

The big 5!!! :(

Well, I can't believe it, but Abby has been 5 for over a month now! She is such a big girl now! :( While I look forward to all of the things to come and all of the things I will get to do with her, I can't help but think about how old five sounds compared to 3 or 4! She was very excited about her birthday this year.

*Her door all decorated for her to run through when she woke up!

Everything ready to celebrate!

Her birthday was on a Friday, so she wasn't at school and Scott had to work so we did just a few small gifts that morning so that she didn't have to wait all day!

She hosted a party for all of her toys! She's very thoughtful and creative, that's for sure! :)

Once Scott got home we had our real celebration and she picked dinner at a mexican restaurant here in town...that's my girl! :) (on a side note, this photo says it all, just look @ Olivia's face...she was none to thrilled with the fact that she had no presents!-ha!)

She got some great birthday goodies, but this digital camera and recorder was her big gift! She can make her own movies and everything. And, notice the lipsick-haha!, she got a huge make-up kit, too! And, the Barbie and Ken from Toy Story, clothes and games, etc.

Her Birthday hat from her party @ school! And, you know she won't eat cake, so blowing out her cookies! ha!

The next day Mom and Dad came in town for her birthday and her party (which was the following day and will be the next blog entry-ha!). More Barbie goodies! :)

And, quite possibly my favorite picture ever! What a heart melter! I think I can safely say that Dad would have never let ME paint his nails, but Olivia can pretty much do whatever she Dad's opinion anyways! :) Lookin' good, Dad! And, he forgot about it and wore the polish to the ballgame that night! haha!

Happy Birthday, Abby!! You are loved and adored by so many people! I know I have said it 1 million times, but you are truly the other side of me! (It is scary how similar we are in so many ways.) You are an old soul and have been since day 1. You're wise beyond your years, very thoughtful and concerned about others, quite serious at times, yet a total goof ball at other times. You are intelligent (and I am not just saying that because you are mine-ha!), you love to learn, you love to read (you get mad when you can't read chapter books by yourself, but it doesn't stop you from trying and going through the book finding and reading all the words you can), you are are excellent big sister and I have a feeling Olivia will look up to and admire you always. You want to be a doctor, and have said that since you were 3. You are very hard on yourself (a trait I wish you had not gotten from me) but, it sure does make you determined and driven. Your favorite color is purple, favorite movies are Wizard of Oz (still :), Toy Story 3 and anything Christmas. You really don't watch many TV shows, so I have no idea what or if you even have a favorite. If I asked you, you would spout off some generic answer! ha! You are still so small. About 36-38lbs now, and the same height as most of the 3 and 4yr olds in your class-ha!, but we can't dare say that to you. Speaking of the little kids in your class, you could do without them, too...haha! Recently, you have expressed that you are bored in school and ready for Kindergarten, and that you get annoyed by the littler kids @ school. Which just reaffirms our thining that you will LOVE Kindergarten and that you are more than ready for it. We hope so anyways. You crack us all up and you are so much fun...I would choose to hang out with you over any adult, any day! :)

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The McAfee's said...

5!! Tears!! Kindergarten! Double tears!!! Sam and Abby are about the same size!! ha! :)

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