Friday, January 7, 2011

Glamour Girl Party!

What's a girl to do when she turns 5!?...Grab your 9 bestest friends, your sister and head out for a day of dress up and pampering, of course! haha!

There is a little boutique in town that offers Glamour Girls parties (And, the gym where I teach a few tumbling classes is actually attached to the boutique and the same people own all of it), so I booked Abby's party there just as soon as I found out about it.

First they take all of the girls and let them pick out whatever dress up clothes they want and they have EVERYTHING!! Next, they are whisked off to hair, make-up and nails! :)

Awful pic of me, but GORGEOUS of Abby and her big girl hair-do!

Mass chaos!! haha! They also have crafts for the girls to do while they are waiting, bracelet making, etc...

More dress up with sweet little Mira!

And, don't forget karaoke and dancing! They have a disco ball and everything. It was hysterical. And, sooo funny...Ella, this sweet little girl that Abby goes to school with, was singing first and she was singing all these darling goodnight songs and then Ava, another friend of school, grabs the microphone and all of a sudden we hear...'Iiiiiii, wanna rock and roll all night....and party everyday!' hahaha! We were CRACKING up! (note to self, don't let Abby hang with Ava when they are teenagers...haha...kidding! :)

Hair, make-up and dress-up all complete! :)

Maribelle, one of her BFF's, turned 5 just a couple of days before Abby, so we sang to both of them! :) Happy Birthday, girls!

Snacks with the girls!

The whole party gang! Aren't the so stinkin' cute!? We loved every bit of the party, and everyone had so much fun...and, we didn't have to do any of the clean up! ha!


The McAfee's said...

what a fun party!!! i can't wait! :)

Terry, Leslie and Noah said...

How awesome!!!

The Harrell Family said...

What an awesome party!! I love that Olivia was involved too! :) Sweet!!

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