Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Mom Has to Brag, Right?! :)

Tucked inside a Thank You card from one of Abby's assistant teachers was the following note to us (thankfully, I grabbed it and unfolded it because I was about to toss it, thinking it was just a piece of scrap paper from arts and crafts):

It is a joy to have Abby in our class. She is very polite and listens well. Her sweet disposition has touched my heart. She is very bright, and takes her time to do a wonderful job with all of her work. She seems to really enjoy school and all of the friends she has made. Her work is super. It is such a joy to see her learning and progress so well with her work and projects. You can be very proud!

Well, our work here is done! ;) haha! Just kidding, but what a heart melter and a pat on the back to hear that our child is sweet, polite, listens, she's bright, she's a hard worker...what more could we ask for!? Nothing! :) Great job, Abby!! We could not be more proud!!


Chris and Melissa said...

Way to go, Abby! You should be bragging!

Terry, Leslie and Noah said...

Well sometimes I wonder if that's what I am best at...bragging about Noah! Haha! That's awesome! Way to go Abby!

The Cantlons said...

Way to go Abby! AND Way to go Annie and Scott!!

The McAfee's said...

Nice work, Abby!! :)

nanny said...

You should be proud all of you!! You all are wonderful parents, I am not saying that just because I love you and I taught you everything you know, KIDDING you are ten times better than I have ever been at everything you do Annie. Now you know how I felt everytime I went to get your report cards or teacher conferences. really!!

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