Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hottest Day of the Summer!

Well, today was the hottest day of the summer, or so they said. There is a rec center about 20min. from here with an awesome indoor swimming park. It's perfect for the little ones and they even have a special kids only time on Tuesday and Friday mornings. I decided I would take the girls this morning. We talked about it all day yesterday, Abby was so excited, you know the drill with the little ones and fun activities. We got there early and decided to head to the park to kill some time before they opened.

She looks like such a big girl here, I had to get a picture! :)

There's an abnormally tall for a play ground tube slide at this park. We decided to all go down together...Abby was screaming the entire time, 'we are going to get stuck!' haha! We didn't!!

We headed over to the rec center, unloaded all of our swimming crap, walked in the front door, and....Sorry, pool closed Aug. 2-Aug. 22 for maintenace! WHAT!? :( Perhaps that little tidbit should be added to their website, but I'm not one to cause a fuss or get angry over something I can't control, so I take my kids, one that's holding back tears and the other screaming, 'BIG POOL!,' back outside to come up with a plan B! Well, we are almost 40min. away from it, but I know the pool we love opens at 11am, and all the others don't open until 1pm and I have to leave for work @ 4pm, so I need a pool....NOW!!! So, we hop in the car and high tail it to Mascoutah....

and, had a BLAST!!! :)

I only got pics of them playing in the kiddie area (which is so awesome), but we actually spent all of our time in the deep end with all the pre-teens and wild kids. haha! They wanted to SWIM and JUMP! So, they swam and jumped until their little legs almost fell off. Liv took an almost 3hr. nap and was still in bed by 7:45pm, and Abby actually asked Scott to put her to bed! I can only think of maybe 2 other times in her life that she has ever wanted to sleep! haha!

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Fideles Five said...

What a crazy day! They should have been the ones to break the news of "Our pool is closed but forgot to put it on the website"!
Glad you got to swim at the Mascoutah pool, loved that one!
One of the best things in Florida....the pool opens at 8am. It's also blazing hot!

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