Saturday, August 21, 2010

Abby's own place...

well, it happened....Abby decided to go ahead and move into her own place! She set up her own apartment in the foyer! haha! Mind you, she did this 100% on her own. I didn't help move a single thing and it was all her idea! She managed to get all the necessary items: kitchen, you can't see it but her vanity is in there, so she has a bathroom, sitting room, toys, etc. And, I love how annoyed she is that I thought it was hysterical and kept taking pictures of her! ha!

And, her free loading little sister! haha! Wonder if this is a sign of what's to come...ha!

And, then when I starting thinking that in just 13 short years she really will be going away to college and living on her own, I teared up like the emotional mess that I am! ha!


The McAfee's said...

that is hilarious!! i love the look she is giving you too. she is just too much! :)

Julia said...

I love that Olivia had to sneak in there and then looks like she owns the place!

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