Saturday, August 21, 2010

Good ol' Murray, KY!

Last weekend we took a long weekend and headed to Paducah and Murray. Scott and I hadn't been to Murray in over 5 years, which is INSANE as we both LOVE the place. I went back to help with my sorority recruitment, and some other old school Sigma's came in town also. It was so fun, yet strange, being back. You just assume that time will freeze when you leave a place, yet it doesn' marches right on! :)

**The advisor all of my active years as a Tri Sigma at Murray was Ms. Jan. She was an amazing woman, and unfortunately she passed away a few years ago. She was a huge philanthropist and gave lots of her time and money to both Sigma and Murray State. This foutain was placed in front of the sorority house and there is also a beautiful memorial in Waterfield Library but we never made it over there while the library was open to get a picture...we were too busy counting votes...and gossiping! ha! :)

We were able to take the girls to see some places on campus, mainly the Curris Center because it was so darn hot and it was move in day, so it was a busy day on campus (and, it made us miss Murray more than ever!)

Now, don't get me wrong, the house was nice when we lived years in the sorority house were more fun than you could even imagine, but a flat screen and a piano...COME ON!? These girls are so spoiled now! haha!

With alumni from my active days! Oh, how I miss you girls so much! :(
And, how fun...I got to meet my great-grand lil. And, she's amazing
And, Holly's car died in the parking lot when she took me back to get my car. It was raining, we were in dress clothes and we could NOT stop laughing. Thankfully, a kind couple came over and helped us before we had to take matters into our own hands! ha!
Her car started! YAY!!
The Tri Sigmas are still going strong, for any of you sisters that are reading this. We made quota plus three! That's how we roll! ha!

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