Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The swaddle we always dreamed of!

If you haven't gathered from reading along, my kids are not (and never were) typical, predictable kids. Even as babies, everything I read about and heard about babies...NONE of it applied to my kids, especially Abby! haha! Both girls HATED being swaddled. I bought every blanket you could think of...even the uber-expensive miracle blanket...the one that boasts that kids can NOT break out of the swaddle...oh what I would give to have a video of Liv breaking free from it in 30sec at about 6 weeks old! haha! Anyways, Abby agreed to let Scott swaddle her the other day!

Awwww...what a sweet little swaddled baby! hahaha!

The last pic we have of Scott holding a swaddled Abby was about 2min after she was born! ha!
I love Liv standing there like, ' all need to get out more!' haha!

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The Harrell Family said...

Haha. Funny! Addie hated being swaddled too!

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