Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Strawberry Pickin'!

Last week we met up with our friends at Eckert's to go strawberry picking! Abby was SO flippin' excited! Freddie, Grace and Abster on the little shuttle bus out to the fields!

Let the picking begin....

or in Liv's case...let the eating begin! haha!

She can't even stop long enough for a picture! ha!

Abby will, though! :)

She really had the hang of it...she knew to only get the red ones, and then...straight in her mouth they went!
I told Grace that she has finally met her match with Liv! Grace is usually the one that eats as many as she picks!

When the girls were not even 2 Grace's family moved in down the street from us. It being such a small world, I went to college with Grace's Aunt, so when they introduced all of us, we became fast friends. Now, look at these 2...they will be FIVE this can't be so! :(

WHAT!? Abby actually tried one...and LIKED it! We even caught her eating some on the sly! ha!

Girls, try something crazy, and both of you look at the camera at the same time!
Our strawberry loot! YUMMYY! We spent the entire morning there: picking strawberries, shoping at the market, eating lunch, letting the kiddos play! We had a blast!! you really have to move!? haha!

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