Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sigma Dinner!

Tri Sigma...or don't try at all! Okay, sorry...had to get that out of my system! hahaha! Luckily, we have a lot of sorority alumni in the area, so we have decided to start doing a monthly Sigma dinner! May was a blast! Here are some of us at Houlihans...

Me and Missy!!

JESS!! My roomie from the sorority house and one of my bestest friends! :) (by the way, for those of you that know both of us, you won't be at all surprised that it took at least 5 shots before we both settled on this one...haha!)

Usually it takes some large event to get a lot of us together: a sister's wedding, Homecoming, and this year, unfortunately, a sister's passing, but it's always so nice to catch up. It's so fun to be talking babies, pregnancies, jobs, men, husbands, kids, etc. when I spent all of college with these ladies, growing into the women that we are today. We've come a long way since the days of recruitment, fraternity events/parties, Kidnap for Robbie, etc. :)

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Floruuuh! said...

Hi! My name is Flora and I'm a Sigma from Zeta Epsilon at Florida International. I ran across your blog while looking up philanthropy ideas and was wondering if you could explain Kidnap for Robbie to me. I've seen it in a few places but nowhere explaining what it actually is.

By the way, love the idea of Sigma dinners. I just graduated and was thinking of ways to stay connected.


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