Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Eve Morning!

Since we had so much traveling to do, we let Santa know that it would be really great if he could visit our house Christmas Eve morning, and he did! :)

Abby only asked for 2 things this year: a yo-yo and a snowglobe. This very special snowglobe was waiting for her, along with a letter when she woke up! She was so excited!

Posing with her gifts, waiting for Liv to wake up!

She finally got her little lazy butt up and the girls were so excited to eat breakfast on their new craft table! :)

The yo-yo!

Liv could really care less about the gifts, but she would humor us and rip off a piece of paper or 2 and look at the gift for a second. haha!

And, they promptly piled all new gifts and toys into their new tent.

We LOVE games, and luckily Abby got a lot of new games this year! Hi-ho Cherry O is a favorite! And, that child is a Jenga pro! We had it build 32 levels the other night, and I believe 36 is as high as it can go!

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