Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ohhhh, yummy!

As most of you know, Abby would rather get 5 shots than take a bite of any type of sweet or dessert (which I am glad, but it's sort of funny at this point...everyone is amazed by it, her teachers bring her special snacks when they celebrate birthdays, etc...) However, Liv has quite the sweet tooth! After playing in the snow the other day, we came in to make hot chocolate for the only family member that will drink it...Scott! ha! And, she acted like she wanted some whipped creme, so I couldn't resist!

She LOVED it! She will go to the fridge and look for it now! haha!

This one won't be getting special snacks at school...I have a feeling she will be the queen of cupcakes! ha!


The McAfee's said...

my boys LOVE to do this.......not going to earn me mother of the year, i know!! good thing it's a treat to even have it!

Chris and Melissa said...

these pics of liv are so pretty! your girls are getting so big and it's just not even fair that i don't get to see them! i was cracking up when i read the new year's eve post- abby's comment about "this is it?" reminds me so much of you!!! haha! i love it!

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