Tuesday, December 1, 2009


We headed home to Mom and Dad's last week for Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving at home because my sister and her family are able to make it for the week, too.

We started off Thanksgiving morning at Fast Freddies. We can walk to the fairgrounds from Mom and Dads, so we have everyone meet there and all head over. This year we had a pretty good group of friends and family running!

My brother in law finishing the race....
and Scott....

and, the kids were unimpressed and freezing...haha!

Getting ready to head to my brother and sister in laws for dinner!
Classic family photo...Abby has underwear on her head, Liv is mad and if you look closely you can see why...see whose hand is in her snack bag!? hahaha! I love it!

After Marsha's (which, by the way, my sister in law makes THE BEST Thanksgiving dinner EVER!!!:), we headed to Aunt Karens to visit with more family! Abby LOVES Aunt Karen. She has such a fun house and she spoils Abby rotten!
Some of the girls!
I won't embarass him and put this on Facebook, but I couldn't pass up the blog! My nephew, Billy, in my Uggs...and sweats! haha! He looked like Napolean Dynamite! ha!
Dad and his buddy!! They are a pair!

An attempt at a group shot with Grandpa Dan!
This just makes me laugh...look at Bill in the background! haha! And, yes....Abby still wears her Halloween costume EVERY day!
The girls cooking waffles with Aunt Michelle! :)
Mom told the kids that this was a mouse hole (it's really just to run cable to the basement), well they decided to put cheese in front of it and wait to see if the mouse came out. Mom had them waiting and went to grab a quick shower (she should have known better). They shoved all the cheese IN the hole and then decided to get their tools to get it all out! haha! I'm sure Mom is still digging cheese from that hole today! ha!

And, now we are home and already missing everyone! :(

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Brooke said...

Don't you just love seeing all of them! I went shopping with Bill to get his running pants ... he said it was to cold for his shorts! I can't stop laughing at that picture of Billy ... haha!

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