Friday, December 18, 2009

My Baby is FOUR!!!

Miss Abigail Jenette turned the big FOUR on Dec. 3rd!! I like to make a HUGE deal about birthday's, so we always decorate the house and her door and everything else that stands still for longer than 2min! ha!

The Birthday Girl just after waking up!
She had school that day, and they made sure she had a special day at school, also! :)

Opening some gifts that night!

Now, those of you that know Abby, you know she would NEVER eat cake, doesn't like it, doesn't like any sweets. So, we were just planning to stick some candles in a cookie or a bag of m&m's. On the way to school that morning she pulls out....'so, what kind of cake did you make me!?' Uhhhhh...I dropped her off, ran to grocery, whipped up a cake while she was at school, and she had her cake! haha!

Abby might not eat cake, but this one sure does!
haha! I could eat that sweet little face up!

Love this picture! Her cute little butt in those dance outfits and her boots! She's a little living doll!! And, Frosty is the hit of the season! Thanks, so much Amanda and Wickenkamp family!! :)

Me and my birthday girl! :).....
and, both of my little angels!

Scott and his girls. Now, I know he would be a super dad to whatever we had, but I think he was made to be the Daddy of little girls! :) I told him the other night, I hope he ends up with all Grandaughters, too. I can just see it now....haha! I love it!

Family Photo!! :)

I know I talk about how funny and smart and great Abby is all the time, so I will spare everyone all of that, but I will say that the last 4 years have been the best of my life. She has brought so much joy, laughter and fun to so many people. I get stopped at school all the time by other parents, teachers and school workers. telling me how darling she is and how hilarious she is, and how they just love hearing her talk, etc. Her teachers adore her, she has so many sweet little friends, she has the most adorable imagination and she is truly an amazing little girl! God could not have blessed us more!


The McAfee's said...

happy birthday abby!!

(sam and abby are so much alike. someone today said, "does sam ever meet a stranger?" i said, "nope!" i love it though!)

Terry, Leslie and Noah said...

Aww! So sweet! Happy Birthday Abby!

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