Friday, December 18, 2009

It's a PARTY!!!

The Saturday after Abby's birthday we had her big party! Both sets of Grandparents came in town, and loads of Abby's friends, and our friends, too! :)

This little one has her Grandpa's wrapped! She prefers to them over anyone else! (much to my Mom's dismay...hahaha!)
Abby and Grace! LOVE this picture!! Such little cuties! They have been friends since they were about 1 1/2! I can't believe they are 4!!

More friends! :) Little Cole was a trooper. He was one of only 2 boys at the dress-up girly princess cheerleading party, and he hung right in there. He is a MEGA sweetie. He told his Mom and that him and Abby hold hands at recess! When Scott first heard, he about flipped-ha!, but now that we know Cole, he's just such a doll! It's so adorable! Abby just loves him!

We had lots of activities to keep the kiddos busy: dress up clothes, we decorated hats, made picture frames, played games, pinata, face painting...just to name a few!

But, they all would have been just as happy playing in Abby's room the entire time! ha!

The Party Crew!! :)

Such a happy girl!

We got her this vanity/beauty shop and she was over there playing with it and we heard, 'mirror mirror on the wall.....' hahahaha! She is a TRIP!

Jennifer the master painter. I had practiced earlier in the week on Abby's face and then Jennifer painted this megaphone and Abby yelled to me, 'Look, Mom...this is how you do it!' hahaha!

Future Taylor Swift!

Wild, happy kiddos...nothing better!

Thanks, to everyone for a super birthday. Instead of having our guests bring gifts for Abby, we collected donations and then Abby picked 2 angels from the Salvation Angel Tree and we bought gifts for them. Abby and her friends raised almost $150!!! We can't thank all of them enough for making it a success! What a blessing to have such wonderful, giving people in our lives!

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Wickenkamp Family said...

It was a great time had by all!!! Thank you again for having us over...btw...can I get a copy of the pic of Abby and Grace? Thanks so much!!!

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