Friday, June 22, 2012


Ahhhh..the big homecoming! :) Not sure if you all remember the news from back then, but about 2 weeks before Scott was to come home, someone walked into an office building and shot 2 military personnel in their office...on a secure location. Well, that was in Kabul, where Scott was. That was when I really started to panic. I got the news early one morning and then couldn't get a hold of him. It was awful, we were afraid they would suspend air traffic and not let anyone come or go, thus delaying his return. It was like we sailed through 3 1/2 months and then it was going to come to this and all hell was breaking lose. He was supposed to be home on Wed. March 14th (his birthday), but on that Sunday he called and said, 'what do you think about me coming home TOMORROW!' Oh. My. Word! I went into full panic mode! ha! I thought I had until Wed! ha! Thankfully, my Mom was here that weekend so I was able to spend all day getting ready for his homecoming.
We made our signs, I signed Abby out of school and we were on our way!!! :)
 Of course...his plane from Chicago was delayed...and delayed...and delayed! We found plenty to keep us occupied, but man that is a tough wait. Knowing he is in CHICAGO!! I was about to tell him to just cancel the flight and we would drive the 4hrs north to get him! ha!
 Look closely at the corner...she woke up that morning with her first loose tooth, so she added to the sign...'I have a lose tooth!' It was so sweet! I bet 100 people commented on her sign! :)
 FINALLY...we saw him coming!!!

 What a wonderful feeling to have him back on safe soil!...and, sporting a new mustache! ha! (FUNNY side after he made it home, we were sent many sweet messages, texts, emails, calls, etc. and then my BFF and roommate from college sends me a message that said, 'what the hell is up with Scott's 'stache and I know you will make him get rid of it soon!' hahaha! She knows us all too well! :)...and for the record he is STILL sporting the 'stache! He says the old ladies at work love it! haha! :)
 The girls were SO happy to have their Daddy home!
The transition was a little rough. Getting back into the grove of being home, the girls contantly demanding time and attention, etc was a little hard for him. We really didn't get any time to just 'be' after wards. We, unfortunately, lost a family member the week after he returned so we were traveling and the girls were busy and Scott just had to jump right back into what was going on because things didn't stop here, so that was less than easy. I think he had been home for over a month before we had a chance to have dinner, just the 2 of us. But, the transition was smooth and passed quickly. We are very grateful for that, and mostly grateful that he is and sound! :)


Jaime Mac said...

Sweet pics of Scott with the girls. I know your glad he's back (to help enjoy the chaos! :))

The McAfee's said...

AWESOME!!! So glad he's home to HELP! ha! :)

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