Friday, June 22, 2012

Our Days While Scott Was Away!

I am going to just start right were I left off, but post abridged verstions of everything until I am updated! :) Valentine's Day...another holiday we spent without Scott! :( We made the most of it, though. The girls dressed up, we made yummy cupcakes, I bought myself a fabulous new watch! ha!
 It's funny to think back to when Scott was gone because at the time I was just on auto pilot and never really allowed myself to over think it. I just made sure we ended every day fed, happy and clean! :) If we did...SUCCESS! Things were a little crazy at one point in time there was a ball pit, full sized tent and a trampoline in our living room, the girls ate a few meals on the living room floor watching a show, I'm sure we missed a bed time or 2...but all in all, I have to give myself and the girls 2 thumbs up for a job well done at 4 month of going it alone! :)
 We anxiously awaited packages from Scott. And, if you deliver something to our door, be prepared to see Liv in no pants. It's just the way it is around here! haha!
 These silly girls are always so much fun. They think it is HILARIOUS for Abby to hold Liv. Never mind that Liv almost weighs as much as Abby!
 We did A LOT of this while Scott was gone...getting out the maps and seeing where Daddy was, talking about all the places we have been, where we want to go, how long it takes to travel from one place to another. LOVE these maps! In our new house, we are doing a travel themed room for Abby and framing some large maps like this for her walls. I can't wait to share the whole thing once it's done! :)

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Uhm new house? Did I miss a memo or something?

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