Friday, June 22, 2012

Random Stuff from this Winter....

Scott doesn't like to talk about the holidays or any of the stuff he missed, but I have some random pics that I wanted to post about. We went home on Christmas Eve to spend the holiday with my family. It was the first time since I was in college that Mom had both me and brother there on Christmas morning. She was a little thrilled, to say the least! :)
 Christmas Eve (above, with Britt and Austin) and Christmas morning MADNESS with Mom, Dad, the girls, Tim, Marsha and Timmie. We had so much fun.
 Having breakfast and singing Happy Birthday to Jesus. We always make him a cake and sing.
 I LOVE this one. Liv was shooting marshmellows into Uncle Ronnie's mouth with the marshmellow gun! haha! So gross but SO Live and Uncle Ronnie!
 Uncle with his girls! :) They sure do love Uncle. When my Mom is here, Abby always takes her phone and sends text messages to Uncle, and he is the ONLY person she will text or send pictures, too. He would be SO done if he had a girl...he's a TOTAL push over! haha!
 Melissa and her family were also in town and they came by to see us one night! It was my first time meeting Miss Harper! :) We decided we still look JUST like we did in high school so just go with it, okay!! ha!
 With our kiddos. Thanks for cooperating, Liv! UGH! She was so tired, then she got her fingers smashed in the door as soon as they got there. She's 0 for 2 with our visits with them. (She was a total stinker when we saw them at the beach last week, too!)
 Sweet kiddos. Cade is such a ladies man and he always fancies right up to Abby! ha!
 One weekend in Jan. Britt and her cheer squad came to St. Louis for a competition. It was so awesome to have her and Deana here and to watch her perform (and they kicked ass and swept the whole competition so that is always fun, too! ha!). We took the girls to the Arch for the first time. They were SO excited.
 Mom, Britt and the girls went up in the Arch....Deana and I happily stayed down and waited...and people watched! ha! (I've been up before, but since Mom and Britt wanted to go, I was more than happy to NOT go this time!)
 Also in Jan (or maybe it was Feb, who knows at this point! ha!), I decided to take the girls on a Staycation. We went to the Science Center and the IMAX and we stayed in a hotel in St. Louis.
 It was great. We had the whole place to ourselves pretty much, we ate at a great restaurant that was attached to the hotel, we swam and just played and realaxed and did whatever we wanted!

 At the end of January, the undefeated Murray State Racers played in Edwardsville (which is only about 40min. away from here) so Mom and Dad came to town and we all went to the game. It was SO MUCH FUN! I saw so many old friends and familiar faces and the girls got to cheer on the Racers and they WON! My future Racers! ;)
 Fred Bird was there, too! AWESOME!
 My girls...they sure do look good in blue and gold! :)

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