Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My MOST favorite holiday!

THANKSGIVING!! I love, love, love Thanksgiving. Don't get me wrong, Christmas is wonderful, and I love the reason why we celebrate Christmas, etc. but, Thanksgiving is my favorite. No silly rituals, no presents, the kids don't expect anything, everyone is together just to simply be bells and whistles...just a reason to be extra grateful for all of the people and things you have been blessed with. And, it's the one holiday when all of us go home...for the whole week. My sister, her family, my brother, his family, Deana and the kids...all of us together and lots of fun! It's always crazy, and I LOVE it! Look above at who got the wish bone this year! Yours truly! ;)

Me and my big sister! :)
Me and my bro and sis! :)
With Mom...

Mom, Dad and their Grand kiddos! Some of you might not know this, but my parents were divorced for most of my life (18 years). They divorced when I was 5 back together shortly before Scott and I got married! I know...I can hear Hallmark calling for movie rights now! haha! So, to have pictures like this are something I didn't anticipate while growing up when I would think about having kids of my own. :)
All of us...minus Scott! :( We all got to Skype with him that morning, though. It was fun. We've only been able to Skype 3 times since he left! :(
Britt Brat and Abby Brat! ha! :)
The girls playing with the play house Uncle Kenny finished for them. I LOVE it!
'Welcome to Our Home!' :)
Michael Jackson Experience on the Wii. This was a riot. Here's Abby and my nephew, Sammy!
And, the girls! We have Just Dance on the Wii, so now they have a new interest in that, too, so it's been fun. (I am ALWAYS down for some Just Dance on the Wii!)
And, I LOVE this one! Look at them...making the same EXACT facial expression! haha! And, they both have the moves, too! :) Go, girls!
The week ended way too fast. We took all the teenage cousins out with us to shop on Black Friday! That was an experience! ha! We had a blast, though. And, I am already counting the days until next Thanksgiving! :)

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