Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Blog Off...Christmas Cards!

Love this one...

Well, I would be burned at the stake by my family if I didn't send out cards, so in that case, I have no choice but to send them! ;) ha! I do enjoy sending them, and I LOVE getting them, but I really love and appreciate the ones that have some thought put into them or that have a personal note in them.

I try really hard to make ours a creative reflection of our year and crazy life. I usually put lots of thought into the cards, pick the best (and often funniest/most entertaining) pictures. This year was MAYHEM (card printing got delayed, one batch had a grammatical error, ran out of the original cards I had made and had to make some last minute ones, I said, MAYHEM! ha!), and I feel as though I did not deliver to my legion of friends and family that usually expect a great card form us, but I hope they will forgive me this year. I did make sure the cards contained darling pictures of my heathens, so hopefully that will hold everyone over until next I already have an AWESOME (top secret) idea for our cards! ha!

Funny story...we were opening the cards we received one day, and Liv got so excited, clapped her little hands together and said, 'ohhhhhh, I hope there's money in there!' hahaha! She was used to Abby's birthday cards coming in the mail with money it them. It was hysterical!

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